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The Benefits of Speech & Voice Coaching

A confident and professional sounding voice with your unique style of speaking will help to make you an excellent communicator!

-  Clarify your pronunciation for easy-to-understand words
-  Refine your professional image and brand
-  Enhance communication, conversation & improvisation skills 
-  Sound like a leader when you speak
-  Increase clarity for intention and purpose
-  Improve, modify or restore your vocal tone 
-  Build confidence and become a more effective communicator
-  Maintain your voice for a lifetime of healthy use

Speech &  Voice Coach Katherine Thompson

HEAR the difference:

Listen to a private client speak BEFORE & AFTER 10 minutes of coaching with Katherine.

Speaking Tip: Use Your Voice with care
Voice Exercise for Speakers & Singers
Speaking Tip: The Power of Pauses
Speech & Voice Coaching can improve your:
Pure Voice Power is one of the few coaching programs
that combines SPEECH and VOICE skill improvement.
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8% of your communication is received through your words alone

37% of your communication is received through the sound of your voice (not content)

55% of your communication is received by the body language you send.



8% of your communication is received through your words alone

92% of your communication is received by the sound of your voice (not your content)


You need every competitive edge possible in today’s fast-paced business arena. Success in business is a race and reaching your goals is time-sensitive. A timid or poorly developed voice may unfairly hinder how others perceive you which can literally waste valuable time on your journey.


Sloppy and/or shy speech tends to lose trust with your listener. Lackluster speakers might mutter or slur their words, ignore consonants, corrupt vowels and lazily group words together. The listener may only understand the message due to context. The listener hears a few key words and must ‘fill in the blanks’. Some speakers or podcasters have rambling, unorganized and incoherent thoughts with a bland vocabulary.


Do people tend to gravitate away from you at social gatherings due to lack of conversation? Do people look away when you say something directly to them? They could want a reason to end the conversation. If you find others asking you to repeat yourself, that means they have a problem understanding your words. If people don’t listen when you talk, there is a reason. Let's do something about that!

A confident voice and good diction helps your professional image to sparkle. Voices can be instantly identifiable, distinguishing you as unique and easy-to-remember. Your voice may be – and often is - the first impression people have of you, therefore these first few seconds will be a factor in their opinion of you. Listeners quickly make make subconscious judgements about a speaker. Let Pure Voice Power coaching bring out the best in your style of communicating! 

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"Inaction breeds doubt and fear.

Action breeds confidence and courage. 

If you want to conquer fear,

do not sit home and think about it.

Go out and get busy."

... Dale Carnegie

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